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December ’18 End Of Year

Reflecting on the past. Taking charge of the future

I love old typewriters. I like the sound of the keys striking the paper. Crisp white paper rolled in the typewriter’s carriage. I will admit that I’m probably the last generation that took a ‘typing class’ in school. That class is obsolete now. Although communication methods continuously evolve, ‘the art of connecting’ remains fundamental. Now is the time to consider how you can help move this campaign along. Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools (CSYS) is embracing the digital age. But we will still need boots-on-the-ground and have many face-to-face conversations about the bond to reach 60 percent passage. ‘The personal touch’ never goes out of style. Thank you for supporting us on this journey.
~Sandra Manwiller, co-chair

In this issue:

  • New CSYS logo
  • Campaign kickoffs in two counties
  • PayPal
  • Instagram

Unveiled: a new logo

The new logo reflects our organization’s desire for the at-large community to see neighbors supporting Yelm Community Schools’ “People, Pupils and Programs” year-round. Last year, CSYS worked hard to show, shout out and share about our amazing community members, specifically on Facebook. “Our Schools, Our Community, Our Future” truly resonates with our mission. CSYS wants to thank Bella Chavez for her beautiful design work and Eddie Pablo III, creative content manager, for his vision. During the campaign season, you will still see the Vote Yes yellow and black logo that folks are accustomed to.


Come kick it with us: Monday January 7 at 6 p.m. (two locations)

This year, Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools will host 2 campaign kickoffs on the same night: Varsity Pizza in McKenna and at Yelm Community Center. This idea was brought forth by several forward-thinking individuals and we want to thank them for moving us in this direction. Please support your voting area’s (county) kickoff event. We will have small yard signs, campaign swag and light refreshments at both events. No RSVP needed, just sign in electronically at the door. Bring your calendar. The campaign is off to a great start but there is still much to do in the following 2 months! Your time is valuable to us. See established campaign activity dates in the “Upcoming Events” section. What can you commit to?

● Phone banking ●doorbelling ● Letters to the Editor (The Olympian; Tacoma News Tribune; or Nisqually Valley News) ● Sponsoring / Hosting CSYS for a bond ‘round table’


We now have a “Donate” button at the top of our website. As most folks and businesses move away from traditional check-writing, CSYS is making it easier for supporters to donate money electronically, at their own convenience. We want to thank Paul Manwiller, CSYS treasurer and Richard Aronson, webmaster, for setting this up.



We are now on Instagram! Give us a follow @citizensforyelmschools for some awesome content from Our Community and Our Schools!


Upcoming Events

January 1 –   Happy New Year!
January 7 – Campaign kickoff (Bring your calendar!)
January 15 – Last day to update voter registration information
January 21st – Martin Luther King Jr. Day: No school
January 24th – Ballots Mailed to Registered Voters
Jan 26 – CSYS Doorbelling (Meeting location: Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce – 608 E. Yelm Ave., Yelm)
Jan 30 – CSYS Phonebanking (Yelm Prairie Christian Church)
Feb 2 – CSYS Doorbelling (Meeting location: Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce – 608 E. Yelm Ave., Yelm)
Feb 5 – CSYS Phonebanking (Yelm Prairie Christian Church)
February 5th – Last day for new registrations
Feb 6 – CSYS Phonebanking (Yelm Prairie Christian Church)
Feb 9 – CSYS Doorbelling (Meeting location: Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce – 608 E. Yelm Ave., Yelm)
February 12th – Election Day