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November ’18 Updates

Community Facilities meeting

On November 5th, the Yelm School district along with Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools (CSYS) saw a terrific turn out at the Community Facilities Advisory Forum which took place at Yelm Middle school. The panel shared the journey over the past three months, receiving feedback from the community and experts in the construction and design industry. The advisory panel stressed the major focus of the school construction bond addressing safety issues in all buildings to include two critical buildings being replaced: Yelm Middle School and Southworth Elementary Schools.

The cost: about $99M. Yes you read that correctly. However, this number includes the safety upgrades that each school will receive. Afterwards, the public went around the room to weigh in on each school project, by posting comments. Just a few months ago, this past February bond proposal cost $78M (different school projects). This final proposal will be discussed by the school board on November 20 and CSYS will be in attendance. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. The public is invited to comment on the proposal and we encourage folks to attend (107 1st Street South, Yelm).

Early Communication

Although the school district and Citizens for Yelm Schools group started discussing the bond in September, now is the time for our community members to start communicating with everyone you know about the need for passage in February of 2019. It’s critical that we reach registered voters who aren’t currently engaged so this initiative doesn’t catch people off-guard.

Do you belong to a HOA, Booster/PTA, business organization and other community group(s) that would benefit from hearing about the upcoming bond? We’d like to connect to ‘friendly sponsors’ that will allow us to get through the door. We especially need an audience in ‘hard-to-reach’ or far-reaching communities such as The Pines, Lake St. Claire area, Spurgeon Creek (Yelm Hwy areas); in Pierce Co: Harts Lake, Hwy 702 (McKenna Tanwax), Cook Road, Horn Creek areas to name a few. We are open to all offers 🙂

We want as many citizens as possible talking to neighbors, family members, co-workers and friends about the bond, and why the Yelm school district needs it. The more we continue to talk and educate folks about the bond, the chances for success increases.

Social Media Outlets

We need more “Likes” and “Share” to our Facebook page, so folks don’t miss out on information, especially as things begin rolling out in the next few months. We don’t want our FB page to just post school bond information and we do our best to highlight the great people, pupils and programs in our schools during the interim. If you haven’t already, please “like” us on Facebook page or go to our website, to become a member of this group and help us reach our main goal of Safer schools!

Upcoming Events

School Board Meeting/Committee & CSYS Recommendation of Bond Resolution
Nov 20
6pm – District Office (DO)

Publish Request of FOR/AGAINST School Bond -Committees forming
Nov 21

Board Confirms FOR/AGAINST Committees
Dec 13
6pm – District Office

Resolution Deadline for Thurston & Pierce County Elections Offices
Dec 14

Campaign Kick-off (Date coming soon!)
January 2019