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October ’18 Updates

The Path to Passage Begins

The Benefit Concert at Nisqually Farms on October 13th was a huge success, with approximately 100 – 150 community members in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the live performances and we raised more than $15,000 dollars for Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools! This money will be used in the logistics and the efforts of passing a bond in a special election being held in February 2019.

Our group would like to thank all the folks that assisted in putting this together: the performers, businesses and the public that came out and helped to raise a substantial amount of money that will greatly help in our endeavors. We feel we have a strong base of supporters to meet our goals and to raise awareness about our school’s needs.

Community facilities meeting

A meeting was held Oct. 3rd at McKenna Elementary to get preliminary public input about the bond. There was great discussion and ideas for the bond and folks had an opportunity to rank their project priorities for the Yelm School District when the bond passes.

The next meeting will be on Monday, 5th of November at Yelm Middle School, 6 p.m. We highly encourage your attendance as Yelm Community Schools will discuss the online community survey (which CSYS promoted) which allowed for ranking of project priorities. The discussion, being moderated by Yelm Community Schools, seeks the public’s input and feedback about the bond. The event is also posted on our Citizens’ Facebook page and the district office has a FB announcement that’s being circulated. Again, your participation is highly encouraged! Tell your neighbors, booster club members, local sports fans, day care center parents, etc.

Facts on facilities

Yelm Community Schools is putting out a “Facts on Facilities” piece that is designed to answer lingering community questions. You may have seen it on our citizens’ Facebook page. Please read and share them. Misinformation is a bond vote menace. Here’s this week’s fact:

Question: Does the new McCleary Supreme Court ruling provide money to build and remodel schools? Answer: No. Washington state school funding from the McCleary decision provides dollars for employee salaries and costs to operate schools. Communities must fund school construction from local bond measures or capital projects levies. Bond measures require a 60 percent voter approval.

Upcoming events

Yelm vs. Timberline
October 26th
Home game

YCS “Community Resource Night”
Oct. 23 at Yelm High School
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Dream Big Night
October 30th at Yelm Middle School
5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Community Survey Responses and Public Discussion
November 5th, Yelm Middle School
6 p.m.

November 6th, General Election

At this meeting, the school board will outline the final bond package that will be on the Feb 12, 2019 special election ballot. The board will then formally vote on a ‘resolution’ which is a formal way of allowing the school district to move forward with its bond proposal. The public’s attendance is encouraged. District Office Address: 107 1st Street S, Yelm at 6 p.m.